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Sharon Lee CassanoLochman is the Award-Winning #1 Best Selling author of Spiritual Verse Today, Man with the Sand Dollar Face, Stranded on Thin Ice, Room for Grace, Bea’s Beautiful Garden, Homemade Yogurt, Wildflower Warfare, and My Sidewalk.

Alone in an ice fishing hut on frozen Oneida Lake with only a notebook, pen, and fishing pole, author and former teacher Sharon CassanoLochman set about writing a thrilling adventure of two unlikely friends Stranded on Thin Ice.

CassanoLochman, a lover of the outdoors, has woven compassionate insight into the struggles of being a teen with an action-filled adventure that plummets the main characters, Tanner Phillips and Richie Donald, through a series of mental and physical challenges as their goal of winning an ice fishing derby takes a dramatic turn.

Join author Sharon CassanoLochman in this heart-pounding, page-turning adventure and find yourself Stranded on Thin Ice.

 Stranded on Thin Ice

Another gust caught the canvas and the sled jerked to the right, knocking Richie back into his seat. I spun around on my belly and grabbed onto the base of the sled with my sore hand. The wind seized the small hut like a sailboat and sent the hut screaming across the icy expanse….

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Man with the Sand Dollar Face

I slowly released the doorknob as not to disturb Mr. Woodard again. That’s when it caught my eye. The crumbled paper caught between the leg of the chair and the wall. Where the dead man had stood right before he dropped to the floor. I picked it up and pulled the paper taut. The words Blue Diamonds were scrawled across the top in pencil. Blue Diamonds.

I dropped the paper into my purse as I waited for the elevator. Overactive imagination and detective novels, I thought. We’ll see about that.

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Spiritual Verse Today

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Spiritual Verse Today is an inspirational read from Award-Winning #1 Best-Selling author Sharon CassanoLochman. Thousands have found daily comfort and hope through CassanoLochman’s poetic verse.

Spiritual Verse Todays inspirational messages offer relief from the heaviness of life or crooked trails taken. The daily distractions that tug at the heart left untended. Sorrows overwhelming even on the brightest of days. The snippet of time sometimes wished undone.

There are many battlefields in life. Release your burdens—whatever they may be. Find forgiveness for the past, peace in the moment, and hope for the future.

Join author Sharon CassanoLochman for a walk in God’s Light, Heart and Soul, and Gifted Time with Spiritual Verse Today.

A New You

We are the hardest on ourselves. Judging our physical, mental, and inner being. Comparing ourselves to others.

Comparisons cannot be made to things completely different. You are you. Beautifully genuine.

Are you ready for a change? Revive your self-image. Find yourself and find a future full of amazing possibilities.

It takes thirty days to change a habit. Join me for the thirty-one day challenge and replace the old thoughts of self with a new you!


“The challenge is a lesson in self-discovery. It provokes you into looking at yourself in a new and positive way. Every message is constructed to inform you that you are a blessed child of God, worthy of love and worthy of great things. It draws you to a closer relationship with Something larger than yourself. I enjoyed this exercise and looked forward to the messages every day.”  Pamela Horter-Moore, Author: Love Quest and Brief Candles

“My journey through thirty-one days of Sharon CassanoLochman’s New You Challenge was an excursion of self-discovery and unearthing aspects of me that often lay hidden.  CassanoLochman’s daily guidance was pure poetry, gently leading me to explore old habits and new levels of self-awareness.  I felt as if I were an artist, guided by the loving hands of a wise teacher, layering the paints across my canvas. To create a new painting or work of art called me! CassanoLochman’s gentle and compassionate spirit allows a space for change to emerge and deepen with each day and step.” –Lily Tanzer, Author: Travels with the Doggie Lama and Musings from the Pack Blog

“For me, Sharon CassanoLochman’s challenge was thirty-one days of deep thought and consideration for who and what I truly am, and how to choose the correct words to describe that most elusive of beings – myself. Before taking the challenge, I never examined so thoroughly how I move through the world, or realized how I want others to experience me. The thirty-one days of possibilities, so gently suggested by Sharon, forced me to look at who I want to be. I am still working on some of these daily words. How do I want to be remembered? What is the essence of me? What is the title of my new chapter in life? This challenge made me see I can give myself permission to create a new chapter of my life every day! I am not bound to old ways of being. Maybe those ways were not my ways at all, but ways I bought into, ways others pounded into my head over the years. The thirty-one day challenge helped me accept that I may actually be a force for good! I may actually be a worthy and positive influence in the world. I can take my next steps in life with conviction and honesty. I am still saying my words to myself, and read them in conjunction with Sharon’s beautiful daily challenges for the richest experience. Hand in hand, her words give me the courage to continue forward with courage on this mysterious and revealing journey of life.”Ernestine B. Colombo, author of Returning Souls

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