Sharon Lee CassanoLochman


Sharon Lee CassanoLochman is the author of Spiritual Verse Today, Room for Grace, Bea’s Beautiful Garden, Homemade Yogurt, Wildflower Warfare, and My Sidewalk.

She is currently working on pictures books and action/adventure novels.


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Man with the Sand Dollar Face

I slowly released the doorknob as not to disturb Mr. Woodard again. That’s when it caught my eye. The crumbled paper caught between the leg of the chair and the wall. Where the dead man had stood right before he dropped to the floor. I picked it up and pulled the paper taut. The words Blue Diamonds were scrawled across the top in pencil. Blue Diamonds.

I dropped the paper into my purse as I waited for the elevator. Overactive imagination and detective novels, I thought. We’ll see about that.

Available this fall!

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