Danae Shanti

Danae Shanti


To hear your personal Soul Medicine Song, check out Danae Shanti. She will sing your soul’s message.

Tom Bird

Tom Bird

Book Whisperer

Did you ever think about writing a novel in a weekend? You can…check out Tom Bird’s Writing Seminars. It really works!
Andrea Page

Andrea Page

Check out Andrea Page’s new release through Pelican Books about the WWII Native American Code Talkers. Pre-order your copy now!

Free Background Music

If you’re looking for free background music check out  Free Background Music from

Bible study

If you’re looking for a new and inspirational approach to Bible study, please check out Dr. Wayne Norton’s:  “Norton’s Nuggets.”
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Spiritual Publishing

If you enjoy my Inspirational Blogs, Visit my Spiritual Verse Today, blog page


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